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Monday, May 14, 2012

28mm Roads

I completed a set of 28mm roads today.  They are made from roof shingles, a method I read about on the Architects of War website.  They may not be perfect, but I think they will serve well enough.  I tried to make enough to fit most any layout,  though they are simple enough to make should I require more roads.  I only used a fraction of the package of shingle material I purchased at Lowes.

Here is shot of one of the roads with a Foundry viking.  The hedges are another work in progress.  I've used heavy duty metal scouring pads that I found in the paint section at Walmart.  The hedges aren't terrible, but they still need a little work.

I have a few other terrain bits in the works, including some rough stone walls.  Hopefully, they will be completed soon.


Mik said...

Your industriousness (is that a word?) is impressive, nice work!

Flounder said...

Thank you : )