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Monday, May 17, 2010

15mm Sci-Fi

These figures mark my first foray into 15mm. They are Earth Force Marines from Rebel Minis. The brushwork is fairly sloppy, but hopefully my work in this scale will improve with practice. I've got a pile of other Rebel Minis products in the queue, so I've plenty of chances to improve.

I've only recently embarked on 15mm sci-fi, and I'm impressed with the variety and quality of products available. My intention is to use these figures 5150, Future War Commander, and perhaps in a Savage Worlds scenario or two.


Eli Arndt said...

They look really nice. Very Space Above and Beyond. Don't worry too much about your work on 15mm. At table height a lot of hard work can get lost and a lot of sloppy work can get hidden.

Welcome to the wonderful world of 15mm scifi.


Gyro said...

Holy crap, there's stuff on this here blog! Dude, these guys look flat-out great, I especially like their bases. We need to get some 15mm sci-fi gaming on, yo.

Flounder said...

Thanks y'all, I'm excited about 15mm sci fi, and I was hoping these would turn out okay. Time to get moving on the rest of the queue.

The 25mm Warrior said...

I don't think it's sloppy at all. You have some real solid uniform work here bro. Good shading, awesome basing. Really, very well done!

Eli Arndt said...

I've been painting 15mm for years and mine don't look that good.

Flounder said...

Aww, shucks y'all.

No talent here, just religious use of the army painter dip stuff.