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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Scourge

I've got back round to the pile of 15mm scifi on my desk, this time with a few of the Scourge from Rebel Minis. I'm not sure about the gold torso plates on the "leader" figure. I wanted some way to distinguish him, but that may not be the best way to go about it.
More scifi to follow, I've got Sahadeen rebels and the crew of Serenity waiting, as well as a few bags of building fittings to start in on terrain.


Kobold said...

Would a copper wash all over have worked better? Make it look like an old school Cylon centurian?

I'm wondering about these as well, as the idea of a sinister mechanoid race, like the Cybermen or the Terminators, is rather tempting as a project.

Gyro said...

They look great! I was looking at mine just last night at the painting desk and wondering how 'doable' those eyes would be, but you've done them very well. I don't mind the gold torso so much on the leader either, maybe a tad of a wash to tone down the brightness a bit?

About those inner-thigh pistons; is it just me or do they look like big ole double schlongs strapped to the insides of their legs? That's almost more menacing than their skull-heads.

Flounder said...

@Kobold - Not a bad idea, I may have to try that on one the next batch.

@Gyro - Maybe those pistons are why they are known as the Scourge...

The 25mm Warrior said...

Woot! Mini Necrons! Nice scheme... you gonna dip em in dark tone? I just did a batch of Necron Scarab Swarms this morning using it and it's brilliant.

Kudos for the variety of minis on your post. reminds me I need to paint things other than GW.

Flounder said...

Thanks! I've got a pile of GW stuff waiting to be assembled, so I've got to get back to the 40k stuff eventually. Especially since my girlfriend bought me a Predator that I still haven't opened.

I actually did use a dark tone dip for these guys, but it doesn't show that well.